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The Definition Of Health

A state of OPTIMAL physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being; the popular idea that it is merely an absence of disease and infirmity is not complete.
Dorland’s Medical Dictionary 30th Edition

Key Concepts to Ensure Your Success


With so much information coming at us in every direction, it is sometimes hard to make wise decisions when it comes to our health. This program will give you true information that will empower you to make wise decisions when it comes to your health.


Information is great, but has no benefits unless action is taken. Implementation of the principles are going to be essential for your success. The program is designed to give you bits of information at a time allowing you to systematically implement the principles one at a time to ensure your success.


Sometimes when you know that you are not alone it helps you stay on task. When you sign up for the program you sign up for a wellness coach that will be your partner in your health journey.


Experience the benefits of living a life full of VITALITY and WELL-BEING! Lose Weight, Have More energy, Sleep Better, Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better!

Are Drugs the Answer?

Educating instead of Medicating.

If you have a symptom, the pharmaceutical companies have a drug for it. If your goal is symptom relief, then drugs would be the answer. But if your goal is health, then drugs would not be the answer. In emergency cases and for a short period, sometimes drugs are the only answer. To use drugs for longterm health and longevity is not only wrong, but also is the major reason why American is struggling with a “health crisis”.

Besides the fact that drugs are toxic and are never without side effects, there is a another danger in the longterm use of them that most people do not think about.

Symptoms are our bodies way of letting us know that there is a problem. If we use drugs to get rid of the symptoms without any regard to the underlying cause of those symptom, the underlying cause becomes a silent time bomb ticking away undetected.

A better way to ensure health and longevity is to address the underlying causes of the symptom. This program is designed to not only determine the underlying causes of the symptoms, but to give customize solutions to address the cause of the symptoms. There is a better,safer and more natural answer than drugs.

Why is America FAT?

Even if you haven’t seen any of the published statistics, you can just take a quick look around and see that we have a serious problem. Two-thirds of US adults are overweight with half of those individuals are being classified as obese. There are more gym memberships, fad diets, diet foods, and diet pills on the market today, yet the problem continues to increase at an alarming rate.

If you have tried everything and still cannot lose weight it is not your fault. The reason that America is fat and getting fatter is that we are just not addressing the real problem. The real problem is very simple. Americans suffer from a disease and that disease is MALNOURISHMENT.

Since the introduction of mass produced foods, Americans have been eating more and yet are becoming malnourished. The processing of foods to make them cheaper, give them a longer shelf life, and make them more appealing has left them not only nutritionally deficient, but in some cases toxic.

Our bodies use nutrients as fuel. When we deprive our bodies of the nutrients necessary for everyday function, we compromise our health. Once our health is compromised, we start to gain weight. The Weight problem in America is a direct result of Americans suffering from malnutrition. So until we start nourishing our bodies, we really have no hope of winning the battle against the bulge.


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