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The Page Fundamental Diet Plan

This FOOD plan is designed to assist your body in its ability to create and maintain "balanced body chemistry ". Dr. Melvin Page's Phase 1 and Phase 2 diet is not only extremely helpful, but in many cases essential to control blood sugar imbalances as well as all other types of imbalanced body chemistry. Dr. Page based his diet plan on the research of Drs. Price and Pottenger, who showed the relationship of diet to health, both physical and emotional. The diet plan was proven true when blood chemistry panels of thousands of his patients normalized without any other intervention. Many of today's popular diets are based on Dr. Page's work.
The longer you are on this diet and the more closely you follow it, the easier it will be to stick to it. This will result in your feeling and looking so much better than you did on your old way of eating. As you become healthier, your cravings for those foods which are not the best choices for you will actually diminish.

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21 Day Purification and Weight Loss Program – Recipes & Guidelines

Living in a chemically-oriented society has made toxicity a much greater concern for the 20th Century. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the average American consumes four pounds of pesticides each year and has residues from over 400 toxic substances in their body. More than 3,000 chemical additives are found in the foods we eat. The incidence of many toxic diseases has increased as well, with cancer and cardiovascular disease at the top of the list. Arthritis, allergies, obesity, and many skin problems are other troubles that occur as a result of toxicity. In addition, a wide range of symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, pains, coughs, gastrointestinal problems, and problems from immune weakness can all be related to toxicity. Toxicity can occur on an internal and an external level. We are exposed to toxins daily and can acquire them from our environment by breathing, ingesting, or coming into physical contact with them. Toxicity occurs in our body when we take in more than we can utilize and eliminate. A toxin may produce an immediate or rapid onset of symptoms or cause long-term, negative effects. If our body is working well, with good immune and eliminative functions, we can handle our basic everyday exposure to toxins. Through detoxification, we clear and filter toxins and wastes and allow our body to work on enhancing its basic functions.

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Natural Fertility, Pregnancy, and Childhood Nutrition Guidelines

Dr. Brewer's Pregnancy FOOD Plan (pre and post-natal/breast-feeding)

This FOOD PLAN is the ultimate guideline to sustain good nutritional status.
Avoid SOY milk/cheese, etc. Some fermented soy like: Miso, Soy Sauce, or Tofu are okay in moderation. Coconut, Rice, or Almond milk can be substituted for lactose intolerant individuals.can be adapted for vegetarians or those who avoid much meat by using complementary protein at one meal. Choose to eat 2 plant proteins at the same time, such a brown rice and beans (try roasting the rice to make a complete protein), or to eat some animal protein along with plant protein, such a eggs, cheese or Organic Milk.

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Along the Way: Basic Schedules/Sleeping Patterns for Baby's First Two Years

If you are wondering how your new baby will act over the next two years. Read up on this schedule to get a head start on your babies basic and sleeping schedules.

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Ion Cleanse Foot Detox Machine: A Major Difference:

International Foundation for Nutrition and Health (Melvin Page, MD: Phase 1 & 2 Diet), Westin a Price Information: excellent nutrition information and educational materials